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Price list for 2018

Prices for children and youth stays

 Schools (min. 4 nights), 5 meals a day + drinks
Kindergarten 430,- Kč/child per day
Children 1st – 5th grade 440,- Kč/child per day
Children 6th – 9th grade 450,- Kč/child per day
Pedagogical staff 460,- Kč/child per day

One person of teacher staff FREE for every 10 paying children.

School trips and other children and youth group stays with 75% of children
 Child 1st - 5th grade (primary school)
 Breakfast 37,-- Kč 
 Lunch 71,-- Kč
 Dinner 67,-- Kč
 Meals altoghether 175,-- Kč
 Night 290,-- Kč
 Child 6th – 9th grade (primary school)
 Breakfast 38,-- Kč
 Lunch 75,-- Kč
 Dinner 72,-- Kč
 Meals altoghether 185,-- Kč
 Night 290,-- Kč
 Adults and pedagogical staff
 Breakfast 39,-- Kč 
 Lunch 80,-- Kč 
 Dinner 76,-- Kč 
 Meals altoghether 195,-- Kč
Night 295,-- Kč
Snack 18,-- Kč

All prices listed are including VAT.

Prices are valid with minimum number of 20 children and maximal use of beds in rooms!

Prices listed above do not include a recreational fee of 15,- Kč to Blansko town which applies to a person per day for recreational or healing? Stays. This fee is counted for each day except for the day of arrival.

The fee is not compulsory for the following people:
a) blind, helpless or persons with a heavy handicap who have been alloted přiznán III. Stupeň mimořádných výhod podle zvláštního předpisu a jejich průvodci.
b) people under 18 years and over 70 years or people who receive child benefits